A Brief History Of The Overhead Crane

For thousands of years human populations have been utilising cranes in order to aid in the process of moving and lifting heavy objects. Indeed the invention of the crane has been largely attributed to ancient Greece, where these early devices were typically powered by men or animals.

Overhead cranes are a particular type of crane commonplace in a number of different industrial environments. Here we take a brief look back at the history of the overhead crane and how it became a staple and indeed essential component of numerous manufacturing industries.

The first overhead cranes, powered by steam, were developed by a German company in the 1830’s and entered mass production in Germany in the 1840’s.The overhead cranes origins in England lie in the 18th century industrial revolution. In 1876 a Liverpool engineer by the name of Sampson Moore designed and produced the first overhead electric crane, which was used to hoist guns at the Gun Factory of the Royal Arsenal in London. Overhead cranes subsequently came to be used extensively in the steel manufacturing factories driving the industrial revolution.

Since the advent of the industrial revolution the overhead crane has been employed in a wide variety of different applications and there have been a significant number of new innovations, which have seen the overhead crane undergo significant modernisation. Overhead cranes are still widely used in the manufacturing of steel as well as a number of other key industries, such as the refinement of other metals including copper, and the automotive industry. Furthermore modern overhead cranes are also available in smaller scaled-down versions, suitable for use in smaller enterprises and applications to aid in the lifting and moving process.

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