Considerations When Choosing a Crane Service Provider

If you are looking to source overhead cranes for a project in Leeds, it’s important that you choose the right supplier. Overhead lifting systems can bring major space and cost economies for material handling firms and manufacturers, and they need routine maintenance checks and proper servicing if they are to remain in continuous, efficient operation.

So, how do you choose the best crane service provider for overhead cranes in Leeds?


OSHA Standards

Crane maintenance crews should always conduct repairs and installations in line with OSHA regulations.

Monthly and Annual Inspections

Crane inspections must be carried out regularly, based on the duty cycle of the equipment. Always choose a service provider who is familiar with the OSHA requirements for inspections.

Supply Parts on Short Notice

In order to avoid delays when having important maintenance work carried out on your crane, it’s important that technicians have access to a wide variety of different parts and components. This will help to prevent expensive downtime, keeping your operation up and running.

Experienced and Versatile Technicians

It’s important that you have access to technicians with a wide experience and knowledge of all the different types of crane that are used across a variety of industries. Technicians with this expertise may also be able to offer valuable insight and suggest interchangeable parts if required. Look for a service company whose technicians exceed the crane inspector’s certification specifications.

Capabilities to Rebuild Existing Cranes

When deciding on a crane service provider, look for someone who can provide a wide range of different services. If you have access to a team who can help out with minor problems but can also competently tackle very complex issues, such as rebuilding an existing crane, you could save your company much downtime and expense.

An overhead crane can be of great benefit to your company, but it will only be as good as the maintenance team you employ to look after it for you. For more information and advice on setting up a maintenance contract for your cranes and lifting equipment, contact us today.

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