Don’t Become a Statistic When Working at Height

The video above perfectly illustrates the requirement for proper onsite safety procedures. A safety harness would not have gone amiss either! Whilst this man got off lightly and at worst suffered a bruised ego after ending up on a funny YouTube video, we cannot over-emphasise how important it is that proper safety measures are not overlooked or taken lightly.

Here at Peter Cassidy Ltd we have supplied safety equipment and lifting gear in Leeds since 1921, so we know a thing or two about staying safe at altitude or when using lifting gear. Using the appropriate safety equipment when working at height is essential, particularly as high falls are a leading cause of workplace fatalities and serious injuries in the UK.

Working at Height

Not only is use of the correct safety equipment and a harness essential for your own safety, but it is also a legal requirement. The government’s working at height regulations are outlined online, so you can read up and ensure compliance.

Recorded statistics for fatal workplace injuries show that during the 2013-2014 period the figure for workplace fatalities was 19% lower than the average for the previous five years, and this decrease in serious accidents is indicative of more rigorous adherence to safety protocols and use of safety equipment.

Although the number of accidents when working at height has decreased significantly, we’d like to see that figure down to zero. If everyone strictly adhered to the working at height regulations, using well maintained safety harnesses and fall arrest equipment correctly, then the figure would be zero! Most of these accidents are the result of failing to use safety equipment correctly or not using it at all.

Pay close attention to safety regulations that govern working at height and make sure that you’re equipped with the appropriate safety gear for the job at hand; this way you’ll avoid ended up as a statistic.

For safety harnesses, fall arrest systems and lifting gear hire in Leeds and surrounding areas, then contact Peter Cassidy Ltd directly or call us on 0113 245 5457.

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