How to Check and Fit a Fall Arrest Harness

When you work in the construction industry, working at heights is often a routine part of your work. However, working at height, for example on overhead cranes in Leeds, can also bring with it a risk of falling, which is why you should always wear a correctly-fitted fall arrest harness.

Here are some tips on how to fit a fall arrest harness correctly to ensure your safety when working at heights.

Inspecting the Fall Arrest Harness

Start by lifting the harness up by the ‘D’ ring on the back. Shake the harness gently so that the straps fall into place and make sure that the buckles are unfastened.

Look over the harness to make sure that there are no frayed areas, cracked webbing or missing threads. Check the strap fasteners and ‘D’ ring to be sure that they aren’t deformed, bent or cracked.

Give any grommets a firm tug to make sure they are securely attached and are not damaged or deformed. All buckle tongues should be straight and firmly attached.

Fitting the Fall Arrest Harness

First of all, place the harness over your shoulders as though you were putting on a waistcoat, placing the ‘D’ ring in the centre of your back, between your shoulders.

Pull up both leg straps and fasten the buckles together. Stand up straight so that you can adjust the length of the side body straps, taking up any slack. Fasten the chest strap at mid-chest height. The leg and shoulder straps should be snugly fitted, while still permitting you the full range of movement. Remove any excess slack by tightening the straps, using the buckle.

Tuck any loose strap ends into the strap retainers. Now with your hand flat, you should be able to comfortably slide your fingers underneath the leg straps.

In Conclusion

It’s vital for your safety when working at heights that your fall arrest harness is in good condition and correctly fitted. Use the guidelines above to make sure that this is the case. If you discover any faults with your harness, contact the helpful team at Peter Cassidy (Leeds) for more advice on how to choose the best replacement fall arrest harness at a great price.

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