Lifting Safely In The Workplace

Lifting is required in a lot of workplaces and in a broad range of industries. As an employer you are liable for ensuring that your staff are safe when lifting and handling loads in the workplace. According to HSE, more than a third of three-day injuries caused to employees occur from lifting. Here we explore how you can protect yourself from liability and protect your staff from lifting injuries.

Hands of warehouse worker lifting box

Teach Proper Lifting Technique

Teaching proper lifting techniques is an important first step in protecting your staff. Manual handling training should be given to all staff members when they join the company and before they are allowed to lift anything. This training should be given for the lifting of all loads weighing up to 25kg. Over this limit, you will need to provide lifting aids to staff to prevent injury.

Get The Appropriate Equipment

When you have a job that is going to require significant lifting you will need to prepare for this and anticipate the lifting needs of the job. Hiring lifting gear in Leeds can ensure that you are able to protect your customers. Before using any machinery or lifting gear your staff should be trained in how to use it and full inspections should be carried out on equipment to ensure it is safe.

Zero Tolerance

You should maintain a zero tolerance approach to the handling of loads and lifting in your company. Ultimately you are liable for any injuries that occur under your watch and this means that anyone not following safety procedures is putting you and your business at risk as well as themselves. A zero tolerance policy should penalise staff who do not follow correct and safe lifting procedures and it should also penalise those that witness that do not report. This system will create an atmosphere that self-polices safe lifting in the company and keeps you safe from accidents.

To enquire about hiring lifting equipment for your company contact us here. We can help you to ensure that you have the right kit for your lifting job to prevent injury and keep yourself free from liability from sustaining any injuries.

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