Quick and Simple Checks to Avoid Accidents

While accidents at work are often unavoidable, they can be easily prevented with a little forethought and professionalism. So, here are some simple on-site mental checks you can ask yourself to help maximise your safety.

Think Safe!

Is the Environment Safe?

One of the great bonuses, and challenges, of working outdoors is a changing environment. This brings its own source of obstacles from overhead cranes becoming tangled in foliage, cabling running the risk of being snagged, and heavy footfall reducing solid ground to slippery mud at any time. Try to take a moment to take stock of your surroundings and, if the elements change, reassess your approach.

Is my Footing and Harness Secure?

While working at height always carries the risk of a slip or fall, safely fitting your harness greatly reduces or eliminates the risk of injury. Checking and double-checking that it is anchored and fitted properly is a must. Remember that properly caring for your harness is essential and spotting any rips, tears or apparent weaknesses in the material should lead to you stepping off-site and making sure that the integrity of your harness is not compromised.

Am I Introducing Risk?

While adding shortcuts to your work protocol may save time on a job, it’s always crucial to double-check that you are carrying out your work safely. While these may not be as bad as many videos available online, always remember to check the variables in play. And if you see other individuals causing issues, take the time to inform them promptly and professionally.

Is This Tool Being Used Correctly?

Above all, always endeavour to make sure that all machinery and equipment is being operated safely and securely. Lifting machines will help you move heavy objects if they are used safely and efficiently. Make sure that your training is up-to-date and the tool complies with your on-site security standards. And if you are ever in doubt, always take a step back, stop, and think.

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