Selecting the Correct Lifting Chains to Use

There are a number of types of chains which can be used for lifting heavy loads and it is important to make sure you choose the right one. The two we are going to focus on in this post are the grade 8 and grade 10 chains.


What are ChainsĀ Used For?

Both the grade 8 and grade 10 chains are used with overhead lifting cranes and lifting machines.

The grade eight chains range from 7mm to 32 mm, while the grade 10 chains go from 10mm to 32mm.

Understanding the Working LoadĀ Limit

It is important to know the weight of the load to be lifted, and then you must consider the type of sling system you are going to use. The working load limit measurement helps you to correctly ascertain which chain to use.

The working load limit of a chain should not just be equal to the weight of the load, it must also take into account any extra forces which may be imparted during the lifting. A suitably qualified person must correctly identify the right grade of chain to use according to the load to be lifted.

Using Chains in Sling Systems

These chains tend to be used as part of a sling system. That could be a single system, a four-leg lifting system, a two-leg system, or a three-leg wheelbarrow system.

Knowing the type of system you are going to use is very important when you are selecting the correct lifting chain as the angle at which the chains carry the load affect their working load limit.

These limits should not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Learn More

To understand better the working load limits and the types of chains you need and sling systems to use, please refer to the Peter Cassidy working load limits of lifting chains table.

It is here you will find information on working load limits, and the correct chains to use for those loads. Of course, if you are still unsure, or require any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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