Ratchet Set

Although a ratchet set may not seem too important they are in fact one of the most versatile and regularly used tools on the vast majority of sites and projects. The ease of use of a ratchet set means that almost anyone can use the tools within the set without much training or guidance. A good quality and versatile ratchet set allows you to access difficult to reach areas quickly and with ease.

Peter Cassidy is able to supply many different types of ratchet sets for use on a wide variety of different jobs and projects. From small sets up to larger more complicated sets we can supply ratchet sets for many different types of jobs. Peter Cassidy only uses the highest quality ratchet sets that are tough and durable enough to withstand a rugged and demanding environment.

With over 85 years of experience in the lifting gear industry we have supplied lifting gear and ratchet sets to many different clients across the North and have delivered outstanding customer service at the same time.

In keeping with the standards of the rest of our hire equipment Peter Cassidy fully test and repair our equipment with our on site services. We ensure that our equipment is in the best condition and fully compliant with current legislation so that the ratchet sets we supply are right for your particular task.

Our friendly and helpful staff will be able to assist with any queries about the ratchet sets that we can supply. If you are unsure which ratchet set would be the most appropriate for your particular job or project we would be more than happy to recommend a set if you have any questions or queries.

Peter Cassidy can supply all manner of equipment for your job or project from heavy lifting equipment through to simple and practical ratchet sets ensuring that you have all the correct tools and equipment at your disposal.

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