Using a Winch to Move a Vehicle

If it’s your first time using a winch there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you’re operating as safely and efficiently as possible. You want to make sure that throughout using the winch, to move your vehicle, you’re protecting yourself and the equipment you’re using from damage. Below we’ve listed a number of steps you should take when operating a winch for the first time.


Before you start using the winch, make sure that everyone involved is clear on their different roles, so that once you start operating there’s no confusion. Wear leather gloves and run through what you’re going to do, then double check everyone can explain their role back to you. Make sure that you have one person in charge of the winch controls at all times to avoid any confusion.

Connect Your Remote Control

Make sure your remote is connected to the designated port and ensure the cord of the remote won’t get caught up in the winch as you begin to operate.

Create Some Slack

Next, role out some of the winch so that you can disconnect the winch hook from the anchor point.

Anchor the Winch

This is a crucial part of the process as, once you start pulling you need to ensure the winch isn’t going to snap free. Not only will this make the operation safer, it will reduce the risk of damage to both your vehicle and the winch.

Hook the Winch

Once you’ve hooked the winch up to the vehicle and to the anchor point you’ll be in a position to start winching. A good tip before you start pulling is to cover the taut line in a heavy blanket and create a ‘no people’ zone – in front of, behind and in line with the winch cable.

Winch Away!

Now you have taken all the necessary safety steps, it’s time to start winching. It’s advisable, if possible, to have someone sit in the vehicle and lightly apply pressure to the accelerator to get the vehicle moving. Once you have unstuck the vehicle fully, to the point it is able to drive as normal, you need to undo the winch. Rewind the cable slowly and walk with the line still taught towards the hook on the vehicle – be careful not to put your hand on the cable at any point until it is fully rewound.

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