Winter Worker: Keeping Safe When Working Outside Throughout Winter

For those of you who work in retail or offices, you’ve probably noticed the dramatic drop in temperature when walking to and from work. For those who work outside – the cold weather is a problem that lasts a lot longer than a brief walk.

Working outside during winter isn’t pleasant or easy – especially when you can’t even feel your fingers or toes. Unfortunately, a lot of work does require their staff to be outside most of the time. This can often leave a lot of workers with a number of health problems.

Civil Engineers At Construction Site In Winter Season

Luckily, these can be prevented as long as the correct precautions are taken and the right procedures are followed.

Dress the Part

Not only can dressing in the correct clothes keep you warm, it’s also the most effective way to keep yourself from falling ill. Advising employees on the most appropriate winter attire can help them combat the harsh conditions in the best possible way. There are several different things that are useful to remember. This includes:

  • Make sure that you choose clothes that are both waterproof and wind resistant.
  • Wear thermal layers underneath all clothing.
  • It’s important to wear several layers – traps insulating air and therefore keeps you warmer.
  • Bring spare clothing – you don’t want to be working in soaked clothes.
  • Gloves are an essential item.

Have Frequent Breaks

Frequent breaks are very important for people who work outside – they need time out of the cold weather. It’s important that they are long enough for workers to actually experience a proper ‘re-warming’ – otherwise it’s defeating the object.

Eat More

It’s important that your body produces heat to keep you warm – something that can be done through adequately fueling your body. Instead of eating lots at lunch time, food should be consumed regularly during the day.

Employees should be encouraged to regularly drink hot liquids – hot tea and soup are definitely a good idea.

Lunch break

Remain Extra Vigilant When Operating Machinery  

When using and operating machinery and vehicles during the winter, it’s important to check if they are fit for using during extreme weather – can they cope in the colder conditions? There are several things that you can do to maintain the high quality of your machinery. This includes:

  • Make sure that all windows on machinery and vehicles are clean – complete visibility is extremely important.
  • Insure that all lights are cleaned regularly – this will make sure that you have maximum impact.
  • All garages, depots and working areas should be well lit and free from any safety hazards.

Working outside in winter is never going to be wonderful – but by following our precautions and advice, you can make sure that it never turns into something more serious than feeling cold.

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