Safety Harness

A full range of safety harness, lanyards, connectors and fall protection devices are available.

We also carry out a full inspection service in our workshop.

Fall Arrest Blocks

Tractel Blocfor and Globestock ‘G’ Saver range of Fall Arrest / rescue blocks are available to purchase.

Full inspect & maintenance service available.

Man Riding Winch

The G. Winch is specifically certified for the lifting of personnel, as well as lifting loads.

· 150kg or 250kg MWL

· Anti-run brake

· Up to 50m cable (250kg model max. 40m)

· Heavy Duty

· Galvanised or stainless steel cable

· Can be fitted to the G Tripod and G Davit


The Tracpode & G. Tripod are EN795 anchorage devises that are durable and lightweight and are designed to provide a secure and stable anchorage for confined space access and man-hole entry applications.

The systems are fully compatible with Tractel & Globestock Fall arrest / rescue & person lifting.

Pic 1) Tracpode with Carol winch and Blocfor

Pic 2) G.Tripod with G.Saver II, G. Winch and underslung pulley fitted

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