Webbing Slings in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax & Wakefield

Round Slings & Webbing Straps

Here at Peter Cassidy (Leeds) Ltd we stock a wide range of webbing slings in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax and Wakefield. Our web and round slings gives a 7:1 safety factor. These are ideal for all lifting problems, the softness of the fabric reduces the risk of damage to goods being lifted and to operatives as well as making the slings lighter and easier to handle.

Simplex & Duplex Webbing Slings

  • Manufactured from 100% heavy duty polyester webbing which has good shock absorption properties with a high strength to weight ratio.
  • Conforms to BS EN 1942-1.
  • Safety Factor is 7:1 (7 times the W.L.L.)
  • Colour coded for increased safety.
  • Are available in the standard web sling format, Simplex/Duplex/Endless.
  • Wear sleeves and reinforced eye are available.
  • A lighter and more flexible to using Wire Ropes or Chain Slings.
  • Durable tag permanently attached showing:
  • All certified and come with full certification.
  • Serial Number, Modes of lift, W.L.L.
  • Date of manufacture
  • Length/circumference

SIMPLEX – Single layer of webbing with soft eye each end

DUPLEX –   Two layers of webbing are used to increase the tonnage of slinging

  1. These are also available with different metal end fitting.
  2. D Type – Non Reevable
  3. DP Type – Allows the sling to be threaded through the metal fitting, generally used for choke lifting.

ENDLESS – Single piece of webbing joined together and stitched via a seam.



Polyester Round Slings

  • Manufactured from 100% polyester 100% load bearing internal yarns. A seamless polyester sleeving will protect the load bearing yarns. Due to the tubular design of the protective cover, the Round sling is made without seams, which gives strength to the covering materials, as long as no edges to contend with. 
  • Conforms to ENSTD 1492-2
  • Safety Factor is 7:1 (7 times the W.L.L.)
  • Colour coded for increased safety. Available in the standard skin. This is the basic round sling, W.L.L. from 500kg upwards.
  • Twin skin has two sleeves which offers double protection. 1t, 2t, 3,t 5t, and 8t are available.
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